Fly in – Dance – Fly out 

Almost all major cities in Europe have direct flights to Oslo airport and at price-leves any dancer can afford. 

But be sure to book long in advance to get the best prices. Click on the map and visit to start planning your trip. 


Flights from all over Europe and overseas going direct to OSL (Oslo Airport Gardermoen)

Lillestrøm is a small city outside Oslo with direct trainconnection to Oslo airport (OSL). After picking up your luggage, the train takes 15 minutes to Lillestrøm station. 

Short train ride from Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Short train ride from Oslo Airport Gardermoen

When you arrive at the trainstation in Lillestrøm you walk over to the Thon Hotel in 4-5 minutes. Follow the blue marking on the map below.


If you want to visit Oslo on your trip, the train takes you effectively to downtown Oslo in just 15 minutes.