Registration for Norwegian Christmas Dance 2017

25-26 November 2017. Entry Deadline NOW

Please enter your registration in the form below. After registration you will receive confirmation and payment instructions in your email. PLEASE NOTE: invoices are sent through PayPal in NORWEGIAN CURRENCY – NOK at exchange rate 9,25. 
Look for invoice from: LSKdans via PayPal. Invoices are sent manually within a few days.

Entry fee per category:

  • WDSF competitions: 40 EUR (ca 370 NOK) (Youth, Adult) (Junior II couples can dance in Youth, Youth couples can dance in Adult).
  • Juvenile II, Junior I, Junior II competitions: 30 EUR (280 NOK) per category.
  • Rising Star: 30 EUR (280 NOK) per category. Rising Star is free for couples dancing in both Youth and Adult.

* Norwegian Juvenile Sport Regulations: Juvenile II class is only open for couples born in 2007 or earlier.

Important for couples:
You have to enter the WDSF Member Id Number (MIN) of both athletes.
If you don’t know your MIN, you can find it at WDSF List of Couples.

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Cancellation of your entry, and reimbursement of your payment is only possible until November 10. An administration fee of 5 EUR is deducted.
Entries after November 15 are not guaranteed to dance if it changes the timing.
Your entry is only valid when payment is received.
Entryfee paid on competition day will be priced at 50EUR / 40 EUR.