6 – 8 December 2019, Thon Hotel Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

Championship for Northern Europe open for couples from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.
Northern European Ch.ship for Juveniles I and II will take place in Tallinn Open 23-24 November.

WDSF Northern European Championship in Standard & Latin
Junior I, Junior II, Youth, Adult, Senior I

WDSF World and WDSF Open competitons for couples from all over the world:

WDSF World Open Standard & Latin 

WSDF Youth Open Standard & Latin

Open Junior I & II Standard & Latin

Rising Star Standard & Latin

National competitions. Inernational couples can upon request to organizer compete in the national competitions.

Østlandsserie & Kretsmesterskap

Nasjonale konkurranser for rekrutt og konkurranseklasser

Welcome to Norwegian Christmas Dance Festival 2019

6-8 December – Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

Dance – Eat – Sleep at the venue!

We are happy to have extraordinary nice prices for competitors and visitors at the hotel. Norway is a «nice price country».
The event is taking place at Thon Hotel Oslo Airport, but Thon Hotel Gardermoen is located just a 5 minutes’ walk from there.

Special rates Thon Hotel Gardermoen 

Single room: NOK 636 (ca 64 EUR)

Double room: NOK  716 (ca 72 EUR)


Special rates Thon Hotel Oslo Airport (dancehall hotel)

Single room: NOK 796 (ca 80 EUR)

Double room: NOK 876 (ca 88 EUR)


Cheap flights to Oslo from all major cities in Europe.


Adjudicators from 13 countries

Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

& Congress Center

The competition takes place at Thon Hotel Oslo Airport & Congress Center. Airport shuttlebus takes you quickly from airport to the hotel. Inside walking between hotel and dancehall.

Thon Hotel Oslo Airport is a modern conference and business hotel with 435 rooms, situated just 10 minutes away from Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport.

Sponsors & supporters

Norwegian Dance Romerike Danseklubb  |  Org: 921409095
Email: info@norwegiandance.no  | Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChristmasDanceFestival