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  • Children under school-age have free entry accompanied by adults
  • Children = under 16 years
  • Senior citizens = over 67 years

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  • All Days Pass (best value!).
  • Day sessions from competitions start i the morning until afternoon prize ceremony.
  • Evening sessions with the hottest and most spectacular semifinals and finals with prize ceremonies in North European Championship on Friday, and World Open ranking competitions on Saturday and Sunday.


Ticket categories

The dancehall has tables around the dancefloor. Select entry & table seating for the best experience. These tickets guarantee your seat throughout the competition.

In the back of the dancehall is free seating area. You will normally find a chair available but there is no guarantee.

WDSF North European Championship 2019

Friday All day (day & evening)

Friday Evening. Starting 18:00.

WDSF World Open Standard & WDSF Open in Junior, Youth, Senior 1 and Rising Star Latin

Saturday. All day (day & evening)

Saturday. Day. «Østlandsserie billetten»

Saturday. Evening. Semifinals and finals in World Open Standard, Open Latin (junior & senior) and Rising Star Latin.

Program starts at 19:00

WDSF World Open Latin & WDSF Open Junior, Youth, Senior 1

Sunday. All day.

Sunday. Day program only.

Sunday. Evening. Semifinals and finals in World Open Latin, Risin Star Standard and Open Junior, Youth and Senior 1.

Starting at 16:45