WDSF Northern European Championship and WDSF Norwegian Christmas Dance Competition classes and rough timing

All timings are prelimenary as of of July 2019. It must only be used as an indication of the timing we are currently planning.All couples & classes must be prepared for comps from the morning of their classes. Only exception is WDSF World Open Standard & Latin will start not earlier than 12.00 on Saturday and Sunday.


09:00 NEC Junior 1 Standard
NEC Junior 2 Standard
NEC  Youth Latin
NEC Adult Latin
NEC Senior Latin
14:30 NEC Junior 1 Latin
NEC Junior 2 Latin
NEC  Youth Standard
NEC Adult Standard
NEC Senior Standard

Semifinals and finals in the evening program from 19:00

09:00 CDF Rising star Latin
12:00 WDSF Open Junior I Latin
WDSF Open Junior II Latin
WDSF Youth Open Standard
WDSF World Open Standard
WDSF Open Senior 1 Standard

Semifinals and finals in the evening program.

09:00 CDF Rising star Standard
11:30 WDSF Open Junior I Standard
WDSF Open Junior II Standard
WDSF Youth Open Latin
WDSF World Open Latin
WDSF Open Senior 1 Latin

Semifinals and finals in the afternoon/evening program.
We will come back on specific timing closer to the competition.

Junior I will be finished no later than 18:00.